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Anatolian Side Hotels

Istanbul is a world city which In the past has been the capital of several empires also has a rich cultural heritage.

Anatolian side of Istanbul Hotels for distinguished guests offers beautiful accommodation from each other to health, vacation, work and celebrate the visits.

Anatolian Side hotels without compromising quality primarily to keep customer satisfaction. Our hotel is located on the Anatolian side carries the scent of our history in the structure. One of the reasons to prefer is the room has luxurious upholstery, to be modern and clean.

Has a private meeting room from each other to feel special guests he uses for business purposes. There is appeal to the middle class and luxury style rooms.

To be close to the center is also a distinct advantage. Open buffet breakfast and dinner all seasons, hosted the highest level of guest. Asian Side Hotels sees the intense interest with flavor meals in Sidonya Hotel which in anatolian Side hotel With its central location welcomes you with all the hospitality.

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